新聞週報 Weekly Diary, No. 344 (21 – 27 March 2009) Weekly Diary, No. 344 (21 – 27 March 2009) Saturday, 28 March 2009 12:04 UN: JUNTA VIOLATES OWN LAWS! US MAKES FIRST HIGH LEVEL VISIT! OH, NO, NOT AGAIN, THAILAND! BANGKOK OFFERS MEDIATION! CartoonTips for future referendums Think Piece The Dalai Lama’s “Middle Way” isn’t working, but there appears to be no realistic alternative. Simon Elegant, Times, 9 March 2009 The problems such as transnational crimes, refugees, illegal small arms trade and drugs along the Thai-Burmese border will never end while there is instability and insecurity on the Burmese side.Thai Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya, 23 March 2009, Bangkok Post--------------------------------------------------------------------------------The World11-20 March 2009UN Office of Drugs and Crimes (UNODC) holds 52nd session in Vienna, attended by ministers around the world. (UN/Economist) 26 March 2009North Korea warns that any UN discussion of its upcoming rocket launch will be seen as a hostile act and will cause the breakdown of nuclear disarmament talks. (AFP)---------------------------------------------------------- 室內設計----------------------International Relations23 March 2009UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detentions says the latest renewal (2008) of house arrest for Aung San Suu Kyi not only violates international law but also domestic laws. Under 1975 State Protection Law allows renewable arrest orders for a maximum of 5 years. This period ended of May 2008. The ruling is unlikely to spring Suu Kyi from detention, but it is uncommon for the world body to accuse a member country of violating its own laws. (AP) 23 March 2009Vietnam PM Nguyen Tan Dung receives newly – appointed ambassador Khin Maung Soe in Hanoi. (Vietnam Net Bridge) 24 March 2009Aung Lin Htut, former deputy ambassador to US, says high-speed websites in the world’s richest country were attacked by Russian technicians. (The Nation) 24 March 2009Stephen Blake, Director of Mainland Southeast Asian Affairs, meets FM Nyan Win at Naypyitaw. This is the first time a senior US official visit the city, a further sign of a new approach from Washington. (AFP) 25 March 2009Stephen Blake meets NLD central committee members at its headquart 長灘島ers in Rangoon for an hour but does not reveal Washington’s likely future stance. He does not bring any message or mention Suu Kyi, according to NLD spokesman Nyan Win. (AFP) The State Department issues statement saying Stephen Blake’s visit “does not reflect a change in policy or approach to Burma.” (Washington Post) 26 March 2009Aye Tha AungAccording to Aye Tha Aung, Secretary of CRPP, Blake had remarked at a meeting that some existing economic sanctions may be withdrawn while other targeted sanctions may stay in place. (Irrawaddy) 26 March 2009Visiting Li Changchun, member of the Standing Committee of the Politburo of the Communist Party of China, meets Than Shwe. (Xinhua) 27 March 2009UN Human Rights Council condemns systemetic violations in Burma and urges the ruling junta to release all political prisoners. (Reuters)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thai-Burma Relations22 March 2009Thai FM Kasit Piromya visits Burma. Has a one-hour meeting with his Burmese counterpart Nyan Win, who tells him the military government has issued ID cards t 燒烤o more than 800,000 Bengali residents, or “Rohingya as they are called in Bangladesh”. (Bangkok Post) 22 March 2009PM Abhisit VejjajivaThai PM Abhisit Vejjajiva announces 1 million unemployed expected this year. The National Statistical Office reported that 540,000 workers were out of jobs last year. The 1997 Asian financial crisis had put about 1.4 million Thais out of work. (Irrawaddy) 23 March 2009Kasit PiromyaThai FM Kasit says PM Thein Sein and FM Nyan Win had asked him to talk with the rebels “and we are pleased to help.” KNU and SSA have rejected the junta-sponsored roadmap. (The Nation) Bangkok supports the political reform under the 7 step roadmap, he says. (Bangkok Post) 24 March 2009Issara Somchai, Minister of Social Development and Human Security, says he will represent Thailand to sign an anti-trafficking agreement with Burma on 24 April. (The Nation) 26 March 200920,000 red shirts surround the Government House compound. Threaten to hold their ground until PM Abhisit Vejjajiva steps down. (Bangkok Post)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Politics/ I 酒店兼職nside Burma19 March 2009The NLD sends a letter to the SPDC requesting permission for a meeting with their leaders under house arrest: Tin Oo and Suu Kyi. (Mizzima) 23 March 2009Police Department has ordered all budget shops owned by the Department to be dismantled. All commodities there are sold to police officers and families cheaper than regular shops. (SHAN) 23 March 2009A special tribunal in Insein sentences 13 pro-democracy activists. (Irrawaddy) 27 March 2009Senior General Than ShweSpeaking on Armed Forces Day, Senior General Than Shwe calls on parties to “refrain from inciting unrest, avoid personal attacks and smear campaigns against other parties.” (Reuters)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Shans/ Shan State18 March 2009Junta authorities have been forcing villages in northern Shan State to set up militia units on a 5 men unit per 100 house holds basis since the end of 2008, according to Mai Phong Kyaw, Palaung State Liberation Front EC member. Northern Shan State is considered a rebel-free territory, except for two townships, Namkham and Muse. (RFA/SHAN) 18 March 2009Bur 小額信貸ma Army patrol from IB 132 encounters Shan State Army (SSA) patrol in Mawkmai township. One dead and one wounded on the Burma Army side. Local villagers fined K 1 million for failure to inform authorities of SSA presence. (www.taifreedom.com) 22 March 2009Some international aid agencies and donors confided that it is much harder to work in some parts of the country, especially in Shan State, where the military authorities have been more restrictive than usual and their aid efforts more closely monitored. (Bangkok Post) 23 March 2009The Shan State Army (SSA) South, in response to Thai FM Kasit Piromya’s offer to facilitate talks between rebels and the ruling SPDC, says it welcomes the offer. (SHAN) The KNU meanwhile says future talks must be held outside Burma. (The Nation / Irrawaddy) 24 March 2009Khun Tun OoUN Working Group on Arbitrary Detentions criticizes junta for detaining Shan leader Khun Tun Oo as it is not a legitimate government. (VOA) 24 March 2009SSA issues statement: Demands amnesty for all dissidents, amendment of constitution, ethnic participation in the electoral process Shan State must have right to rule itself to resolve 酒店打工 the drug problem For peace talks to succeed, both sides must make concessions, not one side dictating the other to accept its conditions (Statement)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Economy/ Business18 March 2009Rangoon-based economist Khin Maung Nyo, speaking on the upturn of the Burmese currency, says: “It’s in accordance with the nature of trade. It happens when there are more sellers than buyers. Few people buy dollars these days. In fact, there are more people who are trying to sell dollars.” (VOB) 8-20 March 2009Gem sale in Rangoon fetches more than $ 191 million despite US ban, says a merchant. (AP) 24 March 2009Weekly Eleven says the number of cyber-cafes have increased 11% in less than 3 months: January 409 Mid-March 455 Rangoon 353 Mandalay 13 (Irrawaddy) 26 March 2009The number GSM phones in Burma 375,800 in 2008 up from 211,812 in 2007, according to state-run press. (Xinhua) 26 March 2009Energy minister Lun Thi and China’s National Energy Administrator Zhang Guobao sign cooperation agreement on the construction of the Sino-Burma oil and gas pipeline. (NLOM/Mizzima)-------------------------------- 九份民宿------------------------------------------------Human Rights28 February 2009Mon National Day (10 February) organizers were required to submit the prepared speech to the Mon State authorities on 7 January. They were later directed to cut out two paragraphs which contained the following sentences: The Mon nationals will have to shape its own national cause After 1962, Mon languages schools and freedom to teach and learn Mon languages in universities were suspended. (Mon Forum) 22 March 2009Focus on the delta meant other problems – particularly the acute food shortages and rat infestation in Chin State – have gone relatively unheeded. The junta also has arrested at least 21 aid volunteers including Zagana. (Bangkok Post) 25 March 2009Two pregnant Burmese women have been deported after being smuggled to China as surrogate mothers, reports China Daily. The two were sold for $ 3,500 in Anhui province. (Reuters) 26 March 2009Monks in Kyaukpadaung township, Mandalay Division, says authorities in Salay township have since January banned dharma lectures as well as production and sales of VCDs and CDs featuring the lectures. The lectures are based on classical Buddhist stories, but 買屋網are often interpreted as criticism of the junta and its policies. (Irrawaddy)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Environment25 March 2009PM Thein Sein officially inaugurates Kengtawng hydropower plant in southern Shan State. (Xinhua)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Drugs16 March 2009Hpapaw, former KIA outpost now occupied by Burma Army in Kachin State, has several poppy fields. (DVB) 26 March 2009A total of 1,103.5 acres of poppy plantations destroyed, 7-13 March. And a total of 279.4 acres destroyed, 14-20 March. So far a total of 9,275.76 acres destroyed. (NLOM) Most of the fields had been harvested by the end of February. Interesting fact is that 4 townships not targeted in the 15 year plan are included in the destruction campaign: Loilem and Mawkmai in Shan State and Tanai and Putao in Kachin State – Editor --------------------------------------------------------------------------------War19 March 2009Bomb blast at dawn in Lashio’s Panglom quarter. A 1 ? ft wide and 2 ft deep crater and a blown off brickwall. No other damages and casualties. (SHAN) 21 March 2009Three Chins arrested in Mizoram 酒店經紀 after finding in their truck 5 rocket launchers made in China. (DVB) 21 March 2009Tin Aung Myint OoSPDC Secretary-1 Tin Aung Myint Oo, in a meeting with Htein Maung, chairman of KNU splinter group, says “peace door is always open to remaining groups.” (NLOM/Irrawaddy) 23 March 2009Clashes between Karen rebels and Burma Army-Democratic Karen Buddhist Army forces continued in January 2009, according to statistics by KNU released today: 155 clashes, averaging 5 per day 83 dead and 148 wounded (Statement) 25 March 2009Junta forces has been continually increasing its strength around ceasefire areas, according to leaked documents. For example, a Regional Operations Command (ROC) Monghsat has been formed to bolster its forces in Wa controlled areas close to the Thai border. (Irrawaddy) 25 March 2009Explosion at a guesthouse in Rangoon’s North Okkalapa township kills one man and wounds two women. (AFP)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Obituary 20 March 2009 Kyi Oo, 84, writer and mother of Zagana, passes away. (Irrawaddy)http://www.shanland.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2519:weekly-diary-no-344-21-27-march-2009-&catid=98:weekly-diary&Itemid=271 買屋網  .
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